10 Achievements of the Day (Day 6)

May 30, 2009

30th May, 2009

  1. I was glad to know that Marco scored perfectly in his oral exam! Congratz to him and congratz to me too (coz it is very likely that I can retain these 2 students)
  2. Went to MK with Muimui and we had a good time chatting and shopping together
  3. I didn’t have diarrhoea when spending my time with Muimui
  4. I could make my best friend laugh
  5. The sales at one of the boutiques said that Muimui and I look like sisters 🙂
  6. The dresses that I bought look pretty fit on me (no wrong purchases this time)
  7. I could get the Cotton On shopping bag given Muimui’s help
  8. The taxi ride back home was not as expensive as I expected
  9. I felt tired after shopping for the whole day coz of too much exercising (shopping)
  10. We couldn’t visit H&M towards the end of our day and it meant that I didn’t needa spend more money in my favourite shop! Money saved! HAHA

*Happiness Index – 9/10* WOOHOO~!

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