10 Achivements of the Day (Day 10)

June 3, 2009

3rd June, 2009

  1. Although it rained for almost the whole day, I didn’t expose to the rain when I’m walking on the street for the entire day
  2. Someone said that I look special, in a good way
  3. The So’s paid me and Sandy back!
  4. Had passport photos shooting for free 🙂
  5. I look quite good today, without the swollen eyes haha
  6. I felt like a noble today
  7. I bumped into many beautiful girls today (I ain’t les :P)
  8. I had a relaxing night alone at home
  9. I bought the blue-coloured top I like from Uniqlo for only $99!!! What a gooood deal!!!
  10. The feeling of shopping alone was very very relaxing indeed

*Happiness Index – 7/10*


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