10 Achievements of the Day (Day 12)

June 5, 2009

5th June, 2009

  1. Renewed contract; job secured
  2. My boss said that I look “cute”… glad that it’s a “positive comment” HAHA
  3. Had a nice talk with Kaijai on msn
  4. Glad to know that KaiBB wanna go to SPCS! YEEPPIE~~
  5. Did not need to care much about relationships today, so relaxing
  6. Money saved because of no dating
  7. I did not take taxi today! HAHAHA~~ Good Job Trish!!!
  8. Trevor told me that kiwi fruit contains vitamin E, as what he was told by the kiwi TV ad LOL
  9. The salad that Tracy’s mom made was so nice! Thanks! We ate them all up!! HAHAHA (bad teachers!!)
  10. Got my free passport photos back! They said that I look ‘photogenic’ (shocked) but they were positive comments after all though!

*Happiness Index – 7/10*

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