10 Achievements of the Day (Day 15)

June 8, 2009

8th June, 2009

  1. The buns that I got from the bakery near school were actually quite yum
  2. Got told that there was declared swine flu case very close to my school, kind of expecting that the school is gonna close down for cleaning HAHA
  3. I got Irene’s photo! YAY
  4. Started to accept him again, the good old feelings gradually revived
  5. Was quite happy about their invitation to my hubby to Macau, though I do not think I can make it this weekend
  6. Worked all day, will get paid for the whole day! Accrued Income! HAHA
  7. Could manage to finish the alphabets table before teaching time!
  8. I love the feeling of having my babies around me at school
  9. Dad asked me not to go to mk for safety reason… I felt his care for me 🙂
  10. After reading Isabella Leong’s article with MP magz, I could feel her joy of being a mom and I feel happy for her (don’t mistake me for being a fan of her, I never like her actually! HAHA)

*Happiness Index – 7.5/10*


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