10 Achievements of the Day (Day 25)

June 18, 2009

18th June, 2009

  1. Finished with my evaluation! WOOHOO
  2. Alice paid me back the money HAHA
  3. Went to Festival Walk for dinner with Alice and Sandy, nice dinner, nice chat and nice iced-chocolate 🙂
  4. It was so fun bitching at people’s back HAHA (I know we are evil!)
  5. I could catch the last shuttle bus home
  6. Had free lunch at school today again! It was so nice of Lam Lam to invite me 🙂
  7. Bernice was back in school, though she looked like being brainwashed 😦
  8. I got Bern’s photo (cute!)
  9. The top I wore today was unexpected good! O_O”
  10. I bought the leggings with zipper at the bottom from H&M finally! AND I bought a top at $24! A good deal that cannot be missed! LOL

*Happiness Index – 9/10*


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