10 Achievements of the Day (Day 37)

June 30, 2009

30th June, 2009

  1. I did not need to work in the morning! WOOHOO
  2. I did not suffer from the side effects of drinking milk  tea/caffeinated drinks
  3. The talk about Jolly Phonics ended earlier than expected (i.e. we finished work earlier than expected)
  4. I realized that there are many beauties teaching in our organization
  5. I had a good time shopping and eating with A and S
  6. S told me about her relationships and I could feel that she trusts me =)
  7. I bought some chocolate-flavoured masks today (I love chocolates!!!)
  8. I shared the masks with S and both of us were so happy
  9. I could have a really early dinner (in spite of the fact that I just had my supper a few minutes ago HAHA)
  10. I had a good time singing loudly with good emotions alone at home

*Happiness Index – 8/10*

P.S. The “sweet soup” left on the handle of my apartment’s door *scary*
That is why I deducted some marks for today.


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