June 30, 2009

I am lost, in my current relationship

I am always looking forward to a man who is mature enough to take care of my everything, as I admit that I have been spoiled by my parents thoroughly throughout my childhood and teenage years. However, the man whom I have picked does not seem to be the right person who can fit these criteria.

He loves me with his heart, he educates me and let me expsoe to the real world, he brings me to a world where I have never imagine to have encounter with…

I feel beloved yet insecured; things just change from minute to minute…

I never know what is gonna happen in the next minute, or even, the next second; and infuriating me seems like his hobby (or habit) at all times.

I am mentally exhausted dealing with this immature person who always brings me insecurity.

Whenever I put on our engaged ring, I feel restrained…

Maybe I have been overestimating our love.


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