10 Achievements of the Day (Day 40)

July 4, 2009

3rd July, 2009

  1. It’s happy Friday AGAIN! woohoo~!
  2. Dad was back earlier; actually I quite enjoy spending my time with my dad at home, even though we do not talk much
  3. I had an early and healthy dinner!
  4. I did chicken dance with other babies in the kindergarten side
  5. One of the students said that I got a good body figure! I bursted into laughters!
  6. I was still having a good time cutting out bubbles with the Chinese teachers
  7. America’s Next Top Model rocks!
  8. I felt quite confident
  9. I got the needle for cable knitting
  10. I spent a quiet and peaceful night alone at home

*Happiness Index – 9/10*


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