10 Achievements of the Day (Day 51)

July 16, 2009

16th July, 2009

  1. Had my haircut and my hubby had positive feedback to my new hair
  2. Last day of school! woohoo!
  3. Mom called me and I could feel her care for me
  4. Mom bought me a new dress in Melb! I will be getting them on the coming Monday!
  5. Bought some accessories from H&M and the person at the cashier forgot to count in the most expensive item! HAHA~ I got 3 items at $30!
  6. Got nothing to do at work as usual
  7. Dated Sandy and we gonna meet up on the coming Sunday!
  8. My hubby was so caring and patient when waiting for me to have my hair done
  9. The stylist gave me a hairclip for free! HAHA
  10. This stylist could make my hair according to me face shape! He’s a pro!!!

*Happiness Index – 8/10* (because I have spent so much today! T_T)


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