10 Achievements of the Day (Day 54)

July 19, 2009

19th July, 2009

  1. I found the dust removal paper at home and I did some cleaning in the morning
  2. I was not bored at home alone today as hubby came to my place
  3. I did not need to eat instant noodles for 2 meals a day anymore
  4. I had lemon tea without suffering from any bad feeling
  5. Mom got me Dove dark chocolate from Melb! YAY!
  6. I could manage to update the fashion bit of my blog despite the hectic schedule today
  7. I went to my PorPor’s place with hubby and we had a good night chat
  8. I was happy to see that my grandpa would initiate chat with my hubby despite my absence for some time in the night
  9. Porpor’s made my favourite dish
  10. My grandparents were so happy to see hubby buying so many souvenirs to them

*Happiness Index – 9.5/10*

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