10 Achievements of the Day (Day 58)

July 23, 2009

23rd July, 2009

  1. Bought a pair of sports pants from H&M, the pants fit me very well
  2. I had fun sending emails with my best friends during the day (when they are all at work)! HAHA
  3. My hubby embraced me very tightly when he told me that he will take care of me forever
  4. My mom called me when she was shopping with my bro and asked me about the dress that I wanted to get from Roxy; such a good mom with incredible memory
  5. My aunt called me and told me that she will never leave me alone =)
  6. I have been very well-protected by my relatives and parents, thanks for their love and care *touched*
  7. I was wanting to buy the Matthew Williamson for H&M bag (as it is on crazy sale) but hubby stopped me from buying unnecessary stuff, luckily
  8. Mu hubby treated me a nice dinner and the ride back to the hotel
  9. I was so glad that I changed back to my Havianas right before I got into the elevator when I went out today; otherwise my feet will suffer A LOT with my Ferragamo heels on
  10. My parents are gonna buy me a new digital piano! woohoo!

*Happiness Index – 8.5/10*

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