10 Achievements of the Day (Day 62)

July 27, 2009

27th July, 2009

  1. My hubby accompanied me for almost the whole day
  2. The 8th episode of my recent favourite series in available online this morning, so that I could watch it while eating brunch
  3. My parents encouraged me to buy a real good piano
  4. Apparently, S knows nothing about what happened on Saturday
  5. My hubby’s performance was excellent today
  6. I told Kaijai what happened on Sat and she trust me and supported me so much! I was glad to know that she is a true friend of mine
  7. I figured out the way how to attract my hubby’s attention
  8. I cooked dinner tonight and I was quite satisfied with it
  9. I bought many fruits and my dad couold benefit from them
  10. I made a necklace tonight! Hope to make more in the days coming up

*Happiness Index – 9/10*

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