10 Achievements of the Day (Day 63)

July 29, 2009

28th July, 2009

  1. I bought the digital piano
  2. I cooked dinner for my dad
  3. My dad gave me a blank cheque for the piano (I hope to write $1 million on the cheque!) HAHA
  4. I had fun emailing with my dearest mates
  5. I had lunch with Muich and Kaijai
  6. We are planning to visit KaiB on the coming Sat
  7. We made so much fun out of the very old-looking 21-year-old girl
  8. Love the name of her disease
  9. Kaijai had done so much research on that girl! Made us laugh so hard!!!
  10. My hubby’s “tamagochi theory” made my mom laugh so hard!

*Happiness Index – 8.5/10*


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