10 Achievements of the Day (Day 68)

August 2, 2009

2nd August, 2009

  1. I stayed in my air-conditioned apartment for the whole day
  2. I ate my favourite noodles from my favourite noodles store at night for dinner
  3. My dad bought a super sweet and juicy canteloupe from supermarket
  4. I had so much fun with looking for sheet music on the internet
  5. I discussed with my mom the funny bits in my childhood videos
  6. My mom may come back to 852 in Sept! So excited if she’s really going to come back!
  7. I love playing with the new piano
  8. My hubby has been killing my boredom by talking to me on the phone for half day
  9. I enjoyed the Sunday night shows on TV
  10. I have rearranged my wardrobe and all clothes look so nice and tidy now

*Happiness Index – 8/10*


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