3rd August, 2009

  1. J did not join the bad guy and the rest for dinner tonight
  2. I bought the JC bag at a good deal
  3. I had a nice shopping afternoon alone
  4. I could resist getting the last display Furla wallet for my mom (I am sure she won’t want a display item)
  5. I had nice tuna sandwiches and corn soup for dinner
  6. I was glad to know that my dad liked my soup
  7. I was also glad to see that the two necklaces I made went very nice together (they look nice at least to me)
  8. My hubby said that he is willing to take care of me forever
  9. I could make it for the bus to diamond hill at the last minute
  10. I had a good chat on msn with J

*Happiness Index – 8.5/10*


2nd August, 2009

  1. I stayed in my air-conditioned apartment for the whole day
  2. I ate my favourite noodles from my favourite noodles store at night for dinner
  3. My dad bought a super sweet and juicy canteloupe from supermarket
  4. I had so much fun with looking for sheet music on the internet
  5. I discussed with my mom the funny bits in my childhood videos
  6. My mom may come back to 852 in Sept! So excited if she’s really going to come back!
  7. I love playing with the new piano
  8. My hubby has been killing my boredom by talking to me on the phone for half day
  9. I enjoyed the Sunday night shows on TV
  10. I have rearranged my wardrobe and all clothes look so nice and tidy now

*Happiness Index – 8/10*

1st August, 2009

  1. I got my digital piano!
  2. I found so many free sheet music download websites on the Internet
  3. I wore my favourite dress
  4. I could feel the intense love and care from my hubby
  5. I was glad to know that hubby is no longer the evil him
  6. I made two pairs of earrings yesterday
  7. Best friend J proposed the postponement of our meeting, good that I did not need to voice this out and travelled all the way to QB
  8. I ate my favourite chocolate
  9. There were some sheet music given to me together with the piano
  10. Hubby and I found some reasonably-priced yet quality squash rackets yesterday at Ma On Shan =)

*Happiness Index – 9/10*

31st July, 2009

  1. The So’s and I had yum strawberry oreo chocolates together in class
  2. Met up Karen for lunch/tea and we chatted so much
  3. I realized that Karen can be one of my best friends
  4. I bought one cute cardigan and one trendy dress for my god-daughter
  5. I felt like a good girlfriend as I travelled all the way to my boyfriend’s place to find me (which is very rare)
  6. I had a yum dinner
  7. I bought so many toys for my god-daughter again
  8. My hubby is so cute
  9. My dad promised me to tell the people downstairs about the piano delivery tomorrow
  10. I watched the videos taped by my parents when me and my siblings were still little children. I felt so beloved by my family and I was so happy to see my dad smiling wholeheartedly

*Happiness Index – 9.5/10*

30th July, 2009

  1. My aunt came over to my place
  2. We had a great lunch/tea together
  3. My aunt bought me so much food
  4. I had fun making over my aunt’s look
  5. I realized that I had very good persuasion skills (especially when persuading others to buy)
  6. I made a bracelet
  7. I cooked dinner for my aunt
  8. I did not burn the food
  9. My aunt complimented by food =)
  10. My aunt bought me a top with amazing fringes

*Happiness Index – 10/10*

29th July, 2009

  1. I can finally put the piano in my room!!! Thanks DAD for the negotiations
  2. My hubby called Tom Lee and the hotel for me, it was so sweet of him
  3. My mom was very impressed by the fact that hubby is a memberĀ in the hk badminton olypmpics team
  4. I cooked dinner for dad
  5. I had a nice wonton noodle soup at night as dinner
  6. Hubby made some gain in his investment
  7. Seems that S knows nothing about what happened on last Saturday, as she still vented her stress to me this afternoon
  8. I like my newly bought black heels
  9. I enjoyed having classes with the So’s
  10. I did not need to make the call for the So’s friend

*Happiness Index – 9.5/10*

28th July, 2009

  1. I bought the digital piano
  2. I cooked dinner for my dad
  3. My dad gave me a blank cheque for the piano (I hope to write $1 million on the cheque!) HAHA
  4. I had fun emailing with my dearest mates
  5. I had lunch with Muich and Kaijai
  6. We are planning to visit KaiB on the coming Sat
  7. We made so much fun out of the very old-looking 21-year-old girl
  8. Love the name of her disease
  9. Kaijai had done so much research on that girl! Made us laugh so hard!!!
  10. My hubby’s “tamagochi theory” made my mom laugh so hard!

*Happiness Index – 8.5/10*