3rd August, 2009

  1. J did not join the bad guy and the rest for dinner tonight
  2. I bought the JC bag at a good deal
  3. I had a nice shopping afternoon alone
  4. I could resist getting the last display Furla wallet for my mom (I am sure she won’t want a display item)
  5. I had nice tuna sandwiches and corn soup for dinner
  6. I was glad to know that my dad liked my soup
  7. I was also glad to see that the two necklaces I made went very nice together (they look nice at least to me)
  8. My hubby said that he is willing to take care of me forever
  9. I could make it for the bus to diamond hill at the last minute
  10. I had a good chat on msn with J

*Happiness Index – 8.5/10*


The lace top

August 3, 2009



The lace top that she’s wearing is close to transparent. I like this kind of seductive yet stylish top so much! Maybe I should start hunting for tops like this at H&M and Zara…

Images Credit: Karla’s Closet

Good Deal!

August 3, 2009

I got this Just Cavalli bag from Seibu this afternoon, and I can’t help sharing this with the whole world – it’s not the bag that makes me the happiest, that’s the PRICE of it! As everywhere is still on sale, I decided to look for some cheapy luxuries (what a contradicting term! HAHA), and I found this bag that’s available at 60% off! This bag is definitely of my style and being a penny picker is also my style too! =)

2nd August, 2009

  1. I stayed in my air-conditioned apartment for the whole day
  2. I ate my favourite noodles from my favourite noodles store at night for dinner
  3. My dad bought a super sweet and juicy canteloupe from supermarket
  4. I had so much fun with looking for sheet music on the internet
  5. I discussed with my mom the funny bits in my childhood videos
  6. My mom may come back to 852 in Sept! So excited if she’s really going to come back!
  7. I love playing with the new piano
  8. My hubby has been killing my boredom by talking to me on the phone for half day
  9. I enjoyed the Sunday night shows on TV
  10. I have rearranged my wardrobe and all clothes look so nice and tidy now

*Happiness Index – 8/10*


I got the same top and pants and bracelets/bangles as the girl’s in the picture, but she could carry all these perfectly while I am still having problems with my wide shoulders when putting on the same top… Yea, the world is always unfair! HAHA

Image Credit: almaanies.blogspot.com

The bronze pants

August 2, 2009


This pair of bronze pants seem to be tailor-made for this girl.

Image Credit: Stockholm Street Style

The right balance

August 2, 2009


I like the entire look of this lady. Floral-printed dress with black leather jacket and a pair of cuff heels, everything is just being put together harmoniously. If she wore a pair of formal black heels, the whole looks will be too formal and will be ruined. Mixing and matching is actually all about balancing.

Image Credit: Garance Dore